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Q: I'm going to my first LC Trial, what should I bring?

  Shade (doubles for rain protection), sunscreen, hat, chair(s), Crate that will hold a dog that is highly excited (many dogs that would stay in a cloth crate under most conditions will rip through a soft crate to go race), Rubber mallet, drinking water & water supply to cool your dog, colored jackets, lure slip lead, protein bars for dogs for nutrition replacement (don’t forget snack for the humans), Cut N Heal (pad care), vet or coban wrap, (purchase at Atwoods or similar store, wrap is much cheaper there), scissors, New Skin-purchased anywhere Band-Aids are sold, Elastikon for wrapping pads before they run - used with vet wrap.


Q:  Any special advice for traveling with a dog?

A:  Carry a copy of your current Rabies Certificate and a copy of your AKC Registration (to help with all those pesky racing forms)

Take plenty of the dog's regular food. 

Take plenty of water from home. 

Take any medications the dog might be taking regularly. 

BEFORE TRAVELING WITH YOUR DOG A TRIP OR CALL TO YOUR VET IS IN ORDER.  Ask your veterinarian about the proper products and dosages to put into your travel kit for the following common problems: stings, bug bites or itchies;  diarrhea; car sickness.  Also get your vet's recommendation for treating muscle injuries, or tenderness.

And don't forget heart worm medication .  If you are traveling from a state where heart worm isn't a problem and traveling to a state that does have heart worm, be sure to check with your vet to make sure your dog is protected. 

Don't forget any medication that you might need for yourself.


Q:  What can I do to keep my dogs feet in good condition?

A:  From TSA member Toni Carter - Start conditioning the feet months before a trial. Some good products that can be found on-line are: National blue foot & tuff foot or Walk your dogs on concrete or asphalt to help condition their feet. I have not used the elastikon in wrapping the feet yet, we are going to wrap with vet wrap first then layer of elastikon, then more vet wrap, I have not had much experience at lure coursing but I am a nurse, I am not convinced I want any adhesive on my dogs pad as when she slides & the wrap comes off I don't want the adhesive of the elastikon tearing her pad. Pad injuries have been our nemesis & several other dogs seem to have this issue also.





Q: How do I join TSA (Tulsa Sighthound Association)?

A: Membership Application